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Parody is a humorous imitation of a person, event, song or serious piece of writing. I have a great time when I use this technique in a presentation and so do the audience members. It is yet another tool in your art of public speaking tool-kit.

The way I use it is to change the words of a recognizable song. I get the audience members to sing along with me by putting the words in their handouts or giving out a song sheet. (The latter method keeps the whole segment hidden so I can surprise them.) I get the words to customize the song from my pre-program research, and research for your audience is necessary in the art of public speaking.

Simply take any recognizable tune, change the words, and sing it yourself or get the audience to sing along. Getting the audience singing along is an art, yet another art of public speaking skill.

*Parody is generally protected from copyright infringement, but get competent legal advice before using this technique.

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Home | Great Speaking Ezine | Great Speaking BlogFree Articles