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Parade your Passion

"Parade Your Passion" is a cardinal rule in the art of public speaking.

If your audience knows how much you care they will care how much you know, and listen.

Enthusiasm is contagious, and the audience will get "bitten by the bug" of your enthusiasm.

An audience will "connect" with the art of public speaking professional's obvious enthusiasm.

If you are lukewarm, they will spew you out! That principle is two millennia old.

There is a certain Zest for Life that exudes from a person with passion.

There is an inner light that shines forth from the face and eyes when "Passion" speaks.

An art of public speaking speaker can be so excited and exciting that a passionate whisper will whisk the words away on the wind, and the power of your passion will still permeate the thickest obstacle known to man - a closed mind.

Don't just speak on any subject; speak on ones you live!

Not on just any topic, speak on the ones you love!

Speak to your passions!

Be passionate!

Back about 1984, Esquire magazine had an article about 40 young Americans who were changing the country. One was the famous speechwriter for President Reagan, Peggy Noonan. She has written a book titled, "On Speaking Well".

Noonan's nickname was "La Passionaria". Her passions paraded in Presidential speeches.

When you have the right speech, you will feel like saying, "Get over here right now! You don't want to miss this!"

In such a talk, your hour of speaking feels like minutes.

Great speakers don't just love to speak; they love to make a difference for people.

There is an old proverb, "If you love your job, you will never work a day in your life."

So, complete this sentence: "I love this job, I get to . . . "

Feed your own enthusiasm for your message as you get ready to make a difference again.

If you have no enthusiasm for your message, why should anyone else?

What do you believe in enough that no one can stop you from finding a place to share it?

For with your enthusiasm, you are in the business of changing the world.

Find the passion in your purpose -- or find another topic to speak on.

Sometimes anyone will get down or blue, but when you ever struggle for the motivation to start your speech, take a moment to go back to your track record of success as an art of public speaking professional to fan the flames of enthusiasm from the still glowing embers of the memories in your mind.

As a speaker it helps to review mental images you hold that affirm what your presentations have meant to past audiences.

Relive those images before you take the platform. Remember the hugs of the once-frightened, now comforted teenage girls after 9-11, remember the bear-hug of the once down-trodden but now re-energized, patriotic ranch-hand, remember the proud Papa glowing and gushing with praise as his beloved boy is bonded to his hip, remember the grandmother as she squeezed your hand, looked deep into your eyes, and said, "Bless you".

No money in the world can add value to those memories, you are rich beyond measure, and have a duty to share a portion of your riches and blessings.

If you are not bubbling with passion and enthusiasm after such memories, then go to the emergency room for life support!

In the art of public speaking you can remember the rewards, and you realize in this audience there are more of those people of passion waiting to hear you.

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