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Bilingual Help

When in the art of public speaking pre-speech preparation, you are going over room
setup and audio / visual requirements with a foreign logistics technician,
make sure you do that work in advance of the presentation (hopefully several times), and
have a bilingual person there to help ensure that word use by both
you and the logistics person are on the same wavelength in understanding.
Less "static" will result.

Be in the room very early on the day of your art of public speaking engagement
(at least two hours before the public enters the room) and, if possible, have
your bilingual helper there too. Terms that are familiar to most English
speaking speakers are difficult to translate into a foreign language.

One good idea is to take pictures of the various items you may need (overhead
projector, white board, etc.) and carry them with you to the event, and like a Boy Scout, to
"Be Prepared" is part of the art of public speaking, in or out of your home country. When you
are desperate in a foreign country and you want something, all you have to do is show the picture.
Which as we all know "is worth a thousand words. Or after years of inflation since we heard it as a child, worth maybe a million?

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