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Wake 'em Up! Business Presentations



  • Wake Ďem Up teaches you to be irresistible as a presenter. Also, Foreword by: 
    Mark Victor Hansen,Co-author of the #1 New York Times Best-selling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul
  • Tomís materials will cut five years of a speakerís learning curve. 
    Cavett Robert, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, National Speakers Association
  • Mastering the skills in Tomís book will virtually guarantee that you will always be in demand as a speaker. Also, Backword by: 
    Dottie Walters, President, Walters International Speakers Bureau, Co-author Speak and Grow Rich
  • Anyone who has ever been in one of Tom Antionís audiences would attest that Tom clearly practices what he preaches! In this informative and enjoyable book, youíll find dozens of practical tips, tools, and techniques that will show you that learning can be fun! Enjoy Wake Ďem Up. I know you will.
    Edward E. Scannell, CMP, CSP Co-author Games Trainers Play series Past National President, American Society of Training and Development, Meeting Professionals International and the National Speakers Association
  • Over 1000 advanced speaking tips and techniques
  • Pre-program Questionnaire - Adapt it or use it as is.
  • Comprehensive International Section- Don't panic when you face a foreign audience.
  • Heirloom Handouts- They'll keep them forever when you use these tips.
  • The Latest, Greatest Seating Methods- Easy to use diagrams.
  • Professional Level Introductions- Advanced Template. You fill in the blanks.
  • Wake 'em Up Openings- 4 types of formula openings so you'll always have a variety.
  • Instantly Usable Speaker Material - Some lines just never get old.
  • Attention Gaining Devices - You'll make insomniacs out of the audience members when you use these 11 simple techniques.
  • Speaking Formulas - Why beat your head against the wall to develop material. Just fill in the blanks.
  • Hard Hitting Closings - When you deliver these, they'll know you were there.
  • Material Selection - Learn how to make appropriate choices to suit any audience.
  • Tons of Professional Level Delivery Tips - and I mean TONS! More than any other presentation skills book anywhere. I guarantee it.
  • 51 Stage Fright Strategies - Simply pick the mix that calms you down.
  • Timing - Learn the secrets of knowing when to pause.
  • Humor Placement - Where does it go? When should I use humor? You won't have to wonder anymore.
  • 5 Genius Techniques - Move over Einstein. You've got the theory of relativity, but I've got the microphone.
  • Bombproofing  - You'll never deliver a dud after your learn these tricks.
  • Saver Lines - Learn what to say to turn a turkey into a swan.
  • 100 Pre-planned ad-libs - You'll look like a quick wit when you use these lines.
  • Stage Movement - Where's the power on stage. This section tells you.
  • Clothing Tips - Patterns, solids, pockets, ties, jewelry . . . a potpouri of handy info.
  • 6 Involvement Techniques - Audiences demand it . . . now you have lots of ways to deliver it.
  • Emotional Language  - Learn how to pick your words to push their buttons.
  • Practice Techniques - Fantastic tricks that make you look smooooooooth . . . and they take no time at all.
  • 34 Ways to Be Funny - and only 1 is has anything to do with joke telling.
  • Storytelling - You will really learn how to paint pictures in the audiences member's minds  . . . 27 dos and don'ts tell you how.
  • Sources and Organization of Material - Find your stuff fast with these handy tips.
  • Audio Visual Equipment - How to get the most out of the old standbys.
  • Visual Design including the psychology of color . . . Kodak helped me on this chapter.
  • Completely indexed - I spent 4 days from midnight to 4:00 AM indexing this book myself. I guarantee you can find what you want FAST!

Appendix: This section (by itself) has more information than is included in many other presentation books.

  • Action Plan
  • Speaker Resources
  • Room Setup Checklists
  • Tips for Television & Videotape and Videoconferencing
  • Banquet / Luncheon Tips
  • Speaking Glossary
  • Giant Bibliography

Wake 'em Up! Has 19 Chapters In All  and Includes 3 Bonus Chapters

  • 1. Technical & Financial Presentations
  • 2. Sales Presentations
  • 3. Tips for Women Presenters by 12 of the Top Female speakers in the USA

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